New bobby gets on his bike

The latest bobby to join the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team is hoping to reach the community on his pushbike.

PC Neil Hopwell, who has been a police officer for 17 years, as joined the team after taking over from PC Mick Shaw, who has now retired.

Neil first started his career on the response team at Ilkeston, has spent six years in roads policing and for the last six years has been working on the response teams that cover the Amber Valley area.

He has been busy out on patrol and getting to know the local community, and has recently spent time getting to know the youngsters at Blue Box Youth Club at the parks estate.

PC Hopwell said: “I’m really pleased to be joining the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team and getting involved with the community side of policing in the local area.

“The patch which I cover with PCSO John Midgley is quite a large, rural area, which includes Kilburn, Denby, Holbrook, Milford, Makeney and the Parks Estate.

“Getting around on the bike will be ideal as it will mean I can cover larger areas than I could on foot but still be able to stop and speak to residents.”

Since starting on the team, both PC Hopwell and PCSO Midgley have also set up a Twitter account so that local residents can follow them online and find out relevant information for their area.

PC Hopwell added: “We are setting up a number of residents meetings over the next few weeks for all areas, to find out what our communities would like us to target.

“People can also contact us anytime if they have concerns, if you see us about please don’t hesitate to speak to us.

“You can also call us, email and now also follow us on Twitter.”

To contact the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team call 101, the non emergency number for Derbyshire police.

You can also email or search @KilburnSNT on Twitter.