Muckspreading protestor turns up in Heanor with his tractor

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A disgruntled landowner who was arrested for dumping five tons of muck outside a court has continued his protest against the legal system in Heanor this morning.

Charles Hirons turned up at the town in his tractor to take part in a peaceful protest.

It is understood Mr Hirons spoke to management at a firm of solicitors but it is unclear what his dispute with them is.

Mr Hirons, 49 was cheered on by around 20 onlookers as he arrived in Heanor on his tractor.

In his initial dirty protest he used a farm muck spreader to cover the steps of Derby Crown Court on Monday January 16.

He later said he did it because he was fed up with the “greed and corruption” of the legal system.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Constabulary said: “We had a call to Godfrey Street, Heanor this morning at 11.20am after reports of a large number of people and a man wit a tractor.

“When we arrived there were only two people there and everyone was being peaceful.”

After his arrest last month Mr Hirons claimed he dumped the dirt outside the court because “the working man is being persecuted in this country.”

He added: “I did it because the ‘higher powers’ just hide behind emails.

“The working man is being persecuted in this country.

“What I did is based on 28 years of persecution by the legal system. When I arrived there, I stopped anybody getting in the way of harm.”

Mr Hirons said he lost tens of thousands of pounds when a solicitors firm closed in 2009 and that he had legal problems when he lost a commercial property in a court case.

He said he lost the £1.9million value of the building and £100,000-a-year in rent.