MP supports constituent’s health campaign

Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills has backed a campaign to raise awareness of patients showing signs of self-harm in hospitals and mental health services.

Mr Mills’ backing follows a meeting with constituent Claire Shortland, who founded the ‘Different Minds, Same Hearts’ campaign based on her and others’ experience of self-harm and patient care.

The campaign has already received the support of the Mental Health Action Group servicing Amber Valley residents with mental health problems. Ms Shortland is also looking to recruit others who have experienced similar difficulties or would like to help.

The MP said: “Claire’s inspirational efforts don’t aim to criticise hospital and mental health services staff, but she feels that seeking treatment can sometimes be made difficult by negative and judgemental attitudes about self-harm.

“Self-harm and suicide attempts are incredibly complicated problems and aren’t simply matters of attention-seeking behaviour. The response that vulnerable people can get from their friends, families and those from who they seek medical assistance can make all the difference as to whether they seek help again.

“It’s vitally important to continue to raise awareness and further improve mental health and medical services in the area, and I fully support Claire’s campaign.

“I would encourage any person or group feeling that they can help to get involved.”