MP’s bid to raise tax bar

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Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills has launched a petition to see the income tax threshold raised to £12,304.

The Conservative-led Government has pledged to increase the personal allowance to £10,000 per year by next April.

But Mr Mills says by raising this by a further £2,304 - those at the current rate of the national minimum wage of £6.31 and working an of 37.5 hours would be tax exempt.

It would leave 4,500 constituents without having to pay the tax and also cut it by £460 for 33,000 more.

Mr Mills said: “When I was elected, I pledged to stand up for hard-working people in Amber Valley.

So far, I’ve campaigned hard in Parliament and in my constituency on issues like employment, fuel duty, beer duty and income tax – but my work isn’t done.

“We have gone far on making work pay and rightly letting people keep more of their own money, but we should go further. Those are paid the lowest should not be paying income tax when they are ‘doing the right thing and working hard’. My proposal will increase the take-home pay of everyone currently earning the National Minimum Wage by £460.”

To sign the e-petition head to”