MP defies PM in Commons

Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills has revealed he voted against the Prime Minister at a crucial commons debate on military intervention in Syria

The Conservative seat holder was one of several Tory MPs to defy the Government motion in support of military action if it was supported by evidence from UN weapons inspectors – who are investigating claims President Bashar Assad’s regime had used chemical weapons against civilians.

The Government lost the motion 285 votes to 272, with David Cameron telling representatives: “It is clear to me that the British Parliament, representing the views of the British public, do not want to see military action.”

Mr Mills said he could not support the motion because he could not see any ‘advantage’ in intervention. He said: “I would hope by now we would realise Western powers in the Middle East don’t end well.

“I don’t sense any appetite among my constituents to be involved.”

Asked whether he saw the loss as an embarrassing climb-down for the Prime Minister, he said: “Clearly recalling Parliament and losing a vote isn’t what you want to happen.”

But he agreed with the decision to vote on intervention. “It’s a real strengthening of Parliament,” he said.