MP calls for tougher immigration policy

Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills called on the Government to extend the restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian migration to reduce immigration.

Mr Mills moved an amendment during a session of the Immigration Bill Committee on which he is currently serving.

The Committee scrutinises the Government’s Immigration Bill, introduced to bring down the numbers of migrants and illegal immigration.

Mr Mills said: “The Immigration Bill goes quite far in tackling a number of problems but it does not contain any measures specifically on Romanian and Bulgarian migrants, which is what people mention if you ask them about immigration at the moment.

“We were told in 2004 that the UK would not experience much immigration at all when the restrictions on free movement were relaxed for Poland and other A8 countries including Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia. In reality, we had 100,000 per annum come here between 2004 and 2011 – the

Government’s estimate was wrong by a factor of eight.”

Unofficial estimates have suggested Britain could see as many as 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians arrive in Britain over the next five years.

Commenting on this estimate, Mr Mills said: “I don’t think the UK economy or labour markets have sufficiently recovered from the most recent recession to cope with an influx of that number of people and people are quite rightly concerned about whether public services can cope, about what benefits they will claim and about the number of jobs they will take.”