Mother claims damp flat was ‘not fit to live in’

Bedroom mould under carpet. Pic by Amy Ives.
Bedroom mould under carpet. Pic by Amy Ives.

A mother-of-two from Belper has hit out at a housing association after claiming that damp and mould made her family ill.

Amy Ives, her partner Nathan and their two young children Tyler and Riley, lived in a ground floor flat at Dovedale Court from June 2013 until last month.

Amy, 20, claims that the mould and damp problems at the property left the family feeling ill. They have since left the flat and moved into Nathan’s brother’s house.

Amy says that housing association Riverside, who are responsible for the flats, did not do enough to maintain the property or deal with the damp and mould.

She told the Belper News: “We didn’t notice the moist at first, but over time it got worse.

“We then realised that our eldest child, Riley, was coughing and having colds a lot.

“Me and Nathan started getting ill also.

“We just thought it was a bug but then we noticed the mould was on Tyler’s cot and on the mattress, and all in the bedroom.

“We started contacting Riverside about the mould. They came out a couple of times and sprayed the mould and just wiped it down.

“Then eventually they came out and put an airflow system into the property, but that didn’t help at all.

“Our neighbours told us they were all having the same issue in their properties too.

“We informed Riverside that it wasn’t just our property that was being affected, but they did nothing about it.

“Many of our belongings were damaged, including clothes, furniture and beds, and Riverside offered us just £50 compensation.”

Amy also claims that she was told the family wouldn’t be put on the Home Options bidding list unless they moved back into the flat.

She says this forced her and Nathan to look to renting in the private sector.

She added: “We went to a meeting and it was suggested that we should move back into the flat and that if we did, that would have put us back on the Home Options bidding list, and would more than likely get us rehomed.

“I refused as I wasn’t going to move back into somewhere that was making us extremely ill.

“They said we are better off to try and private rent instead and that we won’t be allowed on the list to bid anymore.

“We’ve been a lot better since we moved out.

“But I don’t want to private rent because it’s expensive compared to being on the council list.”