Morris Minors set to roll into tramway village

the award-winning Crich Tramway Village is gearing up for its annual Morris Minor Day this Sunday, May 8.

Launched at the Earls Court Motor Show in September 1948, the Morris Minor was the first British cars to reach a production run of a million vehicles.

More than 1.6 million were made in total and exported all over the world, until production ended in 1971.

The tramway village’s Morris Minor Day will play host to vehicle displays, club stands and trade stands.

Timed vehicle parades will also take place, with Morris Minors driving through the village’s cobbled street, under the elegant Bowes-Lyon Bridge and weaving in and out of the vintage tram service.

Cara Marchant, the tramway village’s marketing manager said, “Crich Tramway Village provides a unique atmosphere for vehicle rallies with its recreated village street and rides on vintage trams.

“The events are always very well attended and much loved by vehicle owners, there really is an authentic air of yesteryear.”

Entry for drivers of Morris Minors is free for those who have booked.

For more details contact the tramway village on 01773 854321, or visit to download a booking form.

The tramway village, which hosted a 1940s-themed event over Easter weekend, is open daily until Monday, October 30. Admission prices are £12 adults, £9.50 seniors, £7 children, £35 for families (two adults and three children).