Mining works fear over cricket plan

Alfreton Mayor John Walker at Alfreton Cricket ground pavillion.
Alfreton Mayor John Walker at Alfreton Cricket ground pavillion.

Old mine workings have prompted safety worries from a leading councillor over moves to build on Alfreton Park.

Town mayor John Walker has backed concerns from the Coal Authority over extensions to the headquarters of Alfreton Cricket Club.

The project was approved by Amber Valley Planning Board at its latest meeting, after it was heard the new building would stand on a “reinforced concrete raft to accommodate the likelihood of any migration of voids 
towards the surface”.

Cllr Walker told the meeting there were already two buildings on the park, one owned by Amber Valley Borough Council and the other by Derbyshire County Council.

“Public safety is my concern. Both these properties are parallel with the proposed new development. I am looking at public safety because it is a public park and it is open. We don’t want to be involved in litigation for negligence.

“I am aware there is some sort of void at Alfreton Park. I am seeking assurance that what is reported here says it will not have a detrimental effect. I am rather alarmed, knowing the park as I do,” said Cllr Walker, who said the club should be encouraged.

The club’s agent outlined details of the concrete raft after the Coal Authority said more information was needed “to address the risk of the development from shallow mine workings beneath the site”, which it thought was “a proportionate mitigation solution”.

Councillors decided this should form part of the planning approval. Council assistant director Derek Stafford said the club had been in discussion with the Coal Authority and there is the proposal to ensure safety and stability. “The Coal Authority is quite happy,” he said.

The extension will provide new changing facilities and improve the clubhouse. The park is owned by the council.