Mill Hill pupils become reporters for a day

Schoolchildren from Mill Hill school, Ripley
Schoolchildren from Mill Hill school, Ripley

Students at Mill Hill School became roving news reporters for the day when they took part in the BBC’s School Report.

Phoebe Taylor, Harry Wright, both 13 and 12-year-olds Jasmine Homar and Tyler Briscoe were all selected to be part of the news team at Mill Hill School, in Ripley.

They decided what stories they would like to cover and then set about filming interviews with students and teachers before editing the final package, which also included a weather report, within a tight deadline.

The final report was then uploaded to

Sarah Pocock, an English teacher at Mill Hill, said the students thoroughly enjoyed making the report and did a fantastic job.

She said: “Since we selected the students we’ve been holding after-school sessions and they decided what stories they would like to cover. They came up with three stories and the final programme is about five or six minutes long.

“They have really engaged with the project and it’s about looking at different aspects of English. Often they are sat in a classroom learning but this has given them the opportunity to get out and about and do something that is really hands-on. They’ve done a wonderful job and should be congratulated on their efforts.”

Tyler said she really enjoyed making the report.

She said: “I have been reading the news with Harry because I really like being on camera, I am interested in becoming an actress when I’m older. I think that would be good.”

Harry said they decided to report on Derbyshire County Council’s Big Vote, the possible introduction of a new school uniform and national proposals to lengthen the school day.

He said: “I think it’s really helped with our confidence, having to speak on camera and go out and interview teachers and students. Everyone seemed positive about the new school uniform.

Phoebe carried out some of the interviews.

She said: “I enjoyed interviewing everyone and listening to all of their opinions, it might be something I would like to do when I’m older.”