Military group’s bid to get Roy a ramp

Roy Pugh Housebound war veteran
Roy Pugh Housebound war veteran

Military groups around the country have come out in support of a Ripley war veteran who has been housebound for almost a year after being deemed ineligible for a ramp outside his house.

Members of the SSAFA – a support group for the forces and their familiars – heard of Roy Pugh’s struggle after an online campaign was started to get him a ramp built.

SSAFA caseworker at the London division, Dean Pursell has pledged to help the 80-year-old.

He said: “We’d love to help, either by arranging to purchase a ramp and the necessary work, or by badgering the council to move Roy to more accessible accommodation if they aren’t prepared to fit a ramp.”

Steve Hall, a member of Liverpool’s Royal British Legion echoed the support.

He said: “It’s hard with the distance between us, but I will do anything I can to help Roy – he deserves his freedom.”

Roy has been unable to leave his home unassisted since April after he suffered a heart attack and a stroke.

Since leaving hospital he has been unable to get down the steps at the front and the back of his home.

Initially Roy was visited by local authority staff to look at the possibility of having a ramp installed but was told he did not qualify for one.

But now Amber Valley Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council are reviewing the situation after a visit to Roy’s house.

Roy said: “People came from the council for a visit and measured the land, I hope this leads to something being sorted. I want my independence and to be able to do normal things again.”