Memorial to fallen heroes

A memorial plaque dedicated to those who lost their lives in the two world wars was unveiled in Codnor last week.

Codnor Parish Council’s chairman, councillor George Parkes, addressed the congregation at the parish dcouncil’s civic service held at St James’ Church, Crosshill, on Sunday, March 17.

He said: “It was a terrific service. A decision was taken in 2005 to bring the war memorials up to date.

“The parish council provided the funding to complete an up-to-date memorial and requested St James Church, Crosshill, to house it, for which we are all very grateful.

“This unveiling ceremony sees the fruition of many years of investigation to complete the memorial with names of parishioners who lost their lives in service during the 1939 to 1945 war.

“Some names, not appearing on the original memorial, are added from those who fought in the 1914 to 1918 war.”

Councillor Parkes unveiled the memorial plaque and this was followed by the dedication given by The Right Reverend Jack Nichols, honorary assistant bishop.

Cllr Parkes’ wife, Molly, also a councillor, was pleased that the name of her uncle, Ernest Stone, who fought in World War One had his name added to the memorial. The bishop of Derby was asked to attend but unfortunately he was called to Parliament.