Mechanic’s car attack

A TEENAGE car repairer turned wrecker when he damaged a parked vehicle following a heavy drinking session.

Victim Andrew Walters, of The Gardens, Marehay, was woken up at 2.30am by Torin Rounding hitting the front driver’s side window of his Ford Fiesta with his hand.

Police arrested Rounding, 18, who was leaning against the car, having damaged a panel and a wing mirror.

Rounding, of Oxford Street, Ripley, and formerly of Street Lane, Denby, admitted damaging property and being drunk and disorderly on August 28. He had no previous convictions and was ordered him to pay £100 compensation, with £85 costs.

Rounding told the court he repaired cars but he had applied to join the Navy. He feared a conviction could delay his desired career move by up to five years.