Marking the Pentrich Uprising

The Pentrich Uprising of 1817 is to be commemorated with a special event organised by the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Labour History Society and the Nottingham Clarion Choir.

It takes place on Saturday, August 11, from 3pm until late at Ashes Field, off Park Lane, between Pentrich and South Wingfield. In 1817 over 200 armed men led by Jeremiah Brandreth set out to march to Nottingham with revolutionary demands, including the wiping out of the National Debt, but the rebellion was betrayed and brutally suppressed. Society member Gwyneth France said: “We felt that it is an historical event that’s not really recognised. It was part and parcel of the Reform Movement which fought for universal sufferage.”

Music will be provided by Nottingham Clarion Choir, there will be a guided walk of the historic sites and author Chris Weir will give a talk. There will be a bar and people should bring their own food. Email or call 07951536921 for more.