Make the most out of wrapping your presents this Christmas

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With a little patience, organisation and a methodical approach, gift-wrapping wisdom will be yours.

Even the proverbial ill-fitting Christmas sweater will be received with grace and delight if the wrapping is careful and tasteful!

Make sure you choose the right the kinds of wrapping paper. If the item you are wrapping is an awkward shape, then thick wrapping paper isn’t always the way to go.

When using a roll of gift wrap first take a length of curling ribbon around the gift to measure how much paper you need.

Protect fragile items. For example for prints, frames and mounted canvas, always wrap cushioning material at least 5cm thick around each item. Wrap prints in tissue paper!

Make sure you use the right sticky tape – make it blend in with the item. If you can, use double sided sticky tape which you can’t see at all.

Don’t tape the paper to the present. It doesn’t help, may damage the gift and cause problems if the recipient wants to exchange it.

Once your paper is cut to the right size, place your gift face down in the middle of the paper.

Trim off excessive wrap – you want to wrap the present – not mummify it!

Once wrapped, run your thumb and forefinger across the edges of the gift to create a creased edge. A creased edge will prevent the present moving around and reduce the chances of recipient guessing what it is!

Don’t be a kamikaze curler. It’s dangerous! That means curl your curling ribbon with your scissors closed, to stop you cutting yourself.

If you are sending the parcel, remember to write the full address and postcode and don’t forget to put your address on the back just in case Royal Mail is unable to deliver it.

This Christmas, Royal Mail has almost doubled the size of its Small Parcels – which means people can put more or larger items in the one box, which is helpful if you are sending gifts.

The cost of the sending parcels has reduced too. Until 18th January, it’ll cost just £2.80 to post a small parcel weighing up to 2kg by Second Class.

Choose a wrapping technique that is right for the gift – check out Royal Mail’s YouTube channel for a gift wrapping guide at

Don’t forget that the last posting dates are 18th December for 2nd class, 20th December for 1st class and 23rd December Special Delivery.