Lucky pup Bramley gets food tasting job

Lucky pup Bramley
Lucky pup Bramley

A lucky dog from Ripley has won a place on a national panel to be a taste tester for a popular brand of dog food.

The soon-to-be well fed pup is four-year-old Bramley who has been selected as one of 100 dogs from across the UK to be selected for the exclusive food Taste Challenge hosted by Butcher’s Pet Care.

The 100 lucky pooches began the 10-Day Taste Challenge on Monday when their owners will be provided with a 10-day supply of dog food from Butcher’s.

The dog owners will then be asked to share online how their dog reacts to tasting the variety of dinners.

Bramley’s owner, Sally Meakin said: “When I saw this opportunity, I thought it would be great to register Bramley for the opportunity.

“I’m delighted we have been chosen to take part in the 10-Day Taste Challenge.

“Like most dogs, mealtimes are one of the most 
anticipated parts of the day and it will be interesting to see how they react to the new meals.”

Clare Scallon, from 
Butcher’s Pet Care, added: “We’re decided to launch the 
10-Day Taste Challenge.

“We’re looking 
forward to hearing about the 
pets’ experience at the end of it and we’re hoping for plenty of empty bowls and wagging tails.”