Low wage cheats blasted

An announcement by Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson that employers who fail to pay the minimum wage are to be publicly named, has been welcomed by the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Midlands TUC Regional Secretary, Rob Johnston, said: “It is a crime for employers to pay staff below the NMW and it is right that these flagrant NMW crimes be exposed. For too long dodgy employers have felt that they can abuse workers and not pay NMW and get away with it. This is wrong and must be condemned and tackled with increased NMW enforcement.

“But exposing NMW cheats should just be a first step in tackling poverty pay. For we need to encourage more employers to go beyond the statutory minimum and pay living wages in the Midlands. The Midlands economy has suffered heavily over the last decade and wages in the region are already low. So let us expose the cheats and then move on to rebuild our regional economy in a way that secures decent wages for all.”