Lottery operators tell winners ‘think about it’

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A newly married Kilburn couple had an amazing start to married life - after winning £70,000 on a scratchcard.

Dan and Sarah Lonsdale tied the knot in February after having the traditional stag and hen party weekends.

The couple enjoyed their trips away so much that they decided to re-enact their jaunts with Sarah returning to Skegness, while Dan and his friends went to Newcastle.

While on their post-wedding holidays lady luck shone down on the couple as Dan scooped an impressive £70k win on a scratchcard.

Dan, 28, a self-employed builder, started the weekend by popping to supermarket Waitrose and buying £20 worth of Ruby 7s Doubler scratchcards.

Dan said: “I don’t know why but I just felt lucky. I scratched a few and won nothing. Just when I was about give up I got to the winning one. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes.

“When I told Sarah she didn’t believe me. But when I sent her a photo she was gobsmacked!”

Hairdresser Sarah, 34, said she immediately panicked.

She said: “My first thought was that five men on a stag weekend were responsible for a scratchcard worth £70,000. What if they were to lose it?”

Dan, however, had already called The National Lottery, followed their instructions and then hid the card in a safe place at his hotel.

He said: “I then went back out and we had brilliant weekend!”

The lucky couple has been planning how to spend the money since their big win on Friday, September 2.

Dan said: “The money will ease us into married life and help us treat our family.”