Lots going on behind scenes

ON Friday I attended the latest meeting of the group working to help get Heanor back on its feet.

There are lots of important things going on behind the scenes and lots of hard work being put in by many committed people.

The plan is to report back with developments to our third public meeting to be held soon as part of the Save Heanor Town Centre campaign.

Then at the meeting, the residents can help plot the next course of action.

The News has been running many articles on things happening in Heanor. This week we have spoken to the people planning Heanor Festival, which takes place in June. This event has got bigger and better each year – and this time is sure to be so exception. It starts on Saturday, June 16, and an appeal has been issued for anyone with old pictures and memorabilia from the area to get in touch. The event will culminate with a sports fun day on June 30.

It is important that as many people as possible get involved in the Save Heanor Campaign by attending the meeting and pop along events like the festival event.

Julie Crouch, Editor