Local lad who made good


I would like to bring to your attention details of an ex-Leabrooks lad who, after emigrating to Canada in 1965, has found great success there and which has been recognised by an award presented to him by a Minister of the Crown there.

When ex-colliery fitter Maurice (Mo) Bradley left Leabrooks with his new wife, Evelyn, all those years ago, to seek out a new life in Canada, he could surely never have foreseen the success which would ultimately befall him.

Restarting his professional education by becoming a trainee body fitter in a garage in Kamloops, British Columbia, Mo worked hard and rose to a position of authority within the workshop until, upon the retirement of his former boss, Mo ended up taking over the business himself.

During all the years working there, Mo had continued with his lifelong passion for fishing, adding to which, a developing interest in conservation.

Through his interest in fishing and conservation, Mo made many contacts, lots of whom became close personal friends.

Along the way his interests in that direction developed even further until he was asked to write a regular column in a local newspaper, advising and informing people of the benefits of conservation, which later was expanded until he had a regular spot on local radio and even TV.

Recently his years of assistance to others combined with his long standing enthusiasm for nature and conservation have received recognition in “high places” and he has received a national award, presented by no lesser dignitary than a Minister from Ottawa!

For your information if you should check out “Mo Bradley” on Google, you will read more about him, also see the presentation of the award on TV – not a bad result from an ex-mine worker from Bridle Lane in Leabrooks.

Mo and I both lived on Bridle Lane at Leabrooks (him at no 18 and me at 25) He is about 18 months older than me, but we both grew up together as pals, which we remain until today.

Mo and his wife Evelyn emigrated to Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada back in 1965, from where he has always kept in touch ever since.

Michael Bull

Heanor Road