Local groups urged to apply for free cash

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The News is making residents aware that there is a pot of FREE MONEY available for anybody who’s up to good in the community.

Every year, Ripley Town Council puts aside a reserve of cash to fund local groups, charities, new projects for the town – and will hand-out the cash to anybody making a positive 

Clerk to the Town Council, Linda McCormick, said that more than 40 cheques were written out to such people and groups last year – which made a huge difference to the positive work that’s already carried out in the 

Linda said: “It’s really important that people realise that we have money, and we are prepared to give it away for free to people and groups who are doing something really positive for the area.

“Whether you’re a charity, a sports group, have a group which supports pensioners or those with disabilities, for instance, or whether you have a gardening project for the town, or the well dressing group. You could – and should – apply for funding.”

All people have to do to apply for the money is fill out a form – which is sent by contacting Linda directly – before April 30.

Linda said: “We are fortunate to have a lot of people doing fantastic things in our area and we at the town council are keen to offer as much support as we possibly can.

“Many people, especially young people, might not be aware that there is this money available.

“This is why we are encouraging people to get in touch with me.”

To apply for a share of the cash, contact Linda directly by sending an email to clerktoripleytc@btconnect.com or call her on 01773 832211.

Linda will send the application forms out to anybody who gets in touch.

The money is available to the entire township as well, said Linda.