Limo firms leave kids ‘heartbroken’

Eighteen excited schoolchildren were left “heartbroken” when the limos which had been booked for their school prom event failed to turn up.

The pupils had been planning to make a grand entrance to the bash to celebrate their final week at Horsley Woodhouse Primary School, but had to resort to lifts after the two luxury vehicles were cancelled at the last minute.

Parents of the affected youngsters – who are aged 10 and 11 –claim they were not informed that the cars would not be turning up at Horsley Woodhouse Post Office.

Mum-of -two, Sally Jones, said: “I had to tell 18 children the limos weren’t coming and the other 50 or so people congregated to see them off.

“I could not believe what was happening.

“The woman just said over and over that there was nothing that they could do and they would return our deposit.

“I broke down while the heartbroken children and their family and friends were informed of the problem.”

Northampton-based broker Cars for Stars said it had made attempts to get in touch with Mrs Jones, while Top Gear Limo’s, which was supplying the cars for the party at the Coach & Horses, Horsley, said they had informed Cars for Stars.

Mrs Jones claimed: “I have no record at all of any phonecall, or attempt of a phone call on my mobile. I did not receive any phone call.

“I would not let 18 kids – including twins of my own - stand there in the rain waiting for two limos that were never coming.”

A spokesman for Cars for Stars confirmed it had a booking for a Hummer H2 and said they had refunded Mrs Jones. “There’s no logical reason for this complaint. We didn’t have to refund her, but she has kicked up such a fuss. We tried to contact her a number of times before the event.”

A spokesman for Top Gear Limo’s said: “We have nothing to do with this. The booking was with Cars for Stars. It’s their duty to let the customer know.”