LETTERS: Village hydro plan has been ‘destroyed’

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In the course of an interview on the “Today” programme on Monday 21st September, Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change said “...we have ambitious targets for low carbon for the future”.

Meanwhile, “Advyce”, a local community group, has spent the last four years raising funds and carrying out feasibility studies to install a community owned Hydro Power plant on the River Derwent in Ambergate.

The government has now decided to scrap a pre-accreditation scheme which would have given this project the financial guarantee enabling it to proceed successfully.

Thus, a scheme which would have delivered 625,000 kWh per year, and an estimated £40,000 per year for local community projects has been effectively destroyed.

I hope that other readers will join with me in urging the government to match its rhetoric with action.

M. J. Hepworth

By email