LETTERS: Power won’t be taken from existing councils

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I refer to the letter in the Ripley & Heanor News on January 28 in which two members of the Liberal Democrats raise what I believe are false stories about the proposed North Midlands Devolution and the creation of an Executive Mayor.

The operative word is ‘devolution’ and this involves the devolution of power, and the funding to exercise that power, from central government to the new North Midlands Combined Authority.

I can assure your readers that it will not involve the taking away of any powers from existing councils.

The Executive Mayor will not have absolute power but will be scrutinised by the leaders of the 19 existing councils in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

If any of your readers have any questions about the devolution proposals will they please contact me as I will be able to allay any fears they may have.

Councillor Alan Cox

Leader, Amber Valley Borough Council