LETTERS: Community services are vital for elderly

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An elderly friend of mine lives at Fritchley, which has no amenities, so has to travel in by bus to Ripley for shopping, use of the post office, etc.

The bus runs every two hours, and a few days ago she waited at the bus stop, in the rain, for the bus - which promptly drove right past her.

She then had to walk home and wait two hours for the next bus.

I hope the driver of that bus has a conscience, and realises what distress he caused by that act. The bus was an all white one, so was unidentifiable.

If it had a livery I would have contacted the managing director of the bus company on her behalf, and told him just what I thought of that driver. Bus services are vital for elderly people, especially if they live some distance from the town.

Janet Woollacott

By email