Letters: Bad attitude of children towards dog mess

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As a resident of Jessop Street, Codnor, I have suffered on and off in the last few months from Dog fouling on the pavement outside my property.

On Saturday, October 11, I witnessed a girl and two boys aged around 10 or 11 with two dogs, one of which fouled the pavement outside my property. They proceeded down the street without cleaning up the mess.

At this point I went outside and shouted, ‘Excuse me - are you going to clear up that mess?’ The girl’s response was, ‘I don’t think so”, and one of the boys shouted, ‘Have a nice weekend’.

It is a sad state of today’s society when youngsters adopt this attitude. I cannot begin to imagine the reaction from my parents had I spoke to an adult like this when I was that age.

- A responsible dog owner, Codnor