LETTER: Why has more government cash gone to those in the south?

Since Mark Spencer, our local MP, stated he had secured '¨Â£2 million for Nottinghamshire, I have asked him to publish the amounts that the Tory party has allotted to Tory councils in the south. Until now he as not been forthcoming. '¨A Labour analysis shows that 83 per cent of the new £300m two-year fund will go to Tory-run councils in the southern shires. It found that the biggest beneficiary will be Surrey, which will get £24m, with £19m going to Hampshire, £16m to Hertfordshire, £14m to Essex, £12m to West Sussex, £11m to Kent and £9m to Buckinghamshire. '¨Mr Cameron's county council in Oxfordshire will get an additional £9m to ease the cuts over the next two years.

Thursday, 17th March 2016, 6:30 pm
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I believe Mr Spencer thinks he did a great job getting £2m. Really, these figures make the £2m look rather sick or doesn’t Mr Spencer think the difference between £2m and the lowest figure of £9m is very much?

I think Mr Spencer should really start asking questions as to why the majority of funds went south.

The figures used have been published by the Guardian.

Frank Heyes

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