LETTER: Like Star Trek, leaving the EU is a voyage into unknown

Wow, Boris Johnson visited Alfreton recently. Love him or hate him, he's one of those guys who just stands out.'¨He is campaigning for us to exit Europe.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 6:30 pm

He was asked if the government would still play such a role in our development without EU backing. 
He refuted claims that major firms in the region like Boots and Rolls-Royce would look to other shores to host their manufacturing.

I think the truth is no one really knows.
Myself, I cannot see that this move would create a better-than-now trading platform. However, I can see that it may have an all-round negative effect.

The owner of the Nieper factory, where the meeting was held, stated: “We’ve got to compete for skilled people and we don’t have to be told by Europe how to attract the best people. “

What concerns me is that the Conservative Government rarely mention the plight of those on the bottom rung, the unemployed. 
Then there are the most vulnerable who cannot work due to long-term illnesses and disabilities.

In my opinion, the Conservatives have made it absolutely clear these people must have their feeble benefits reduced and somehow be made to work, maybe, I suppose, on the fairytale zero hours contracts which to me are just taking the proverbial.

This area is why I believe we have to stay in Europe, never mind the uncertainties of how it might affect our trade, our economy, but for those just described, the vulnerable.

At the moment, this group do at least have the protection of The Human Rights Act .
This Act can at least be turned to by those, the vulnerable, that seem to be a nuisance to this government, who they continually find ways to attack financially.

If we leave the protection of the European Union, how long do you reckon it will take for this government to then assume full control by removing this European Act and to be let loose on the vulnerable who will then take a huge loss in their protection.
Not long, not long, I predict. Vote stay for your own protection.

This may or may not be an exaggeration of what we might be left open to if we come out of Europe and lose the protection of being in Europe, supplemented by that all important Human Rights Act to which we can appeal if things become bad enough.

Who among the majority wants to take that chance ? Just like Star Trek, it is a voyage into the unknown.

Stephen Elliott

By email