Letter: Our nation seems to have lost its pride

The question as to who should print the British passport when we leave the EU has become a conflict between those who see it as a national symbol and the combined forces of those who consider money to be all important and those who want to deny we are leaving the EU.

Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 2:00 pm

In the debate in parliament I heard one MP refer to “this nationalistic nonsense” and others utter adverse remarks regarding protectionism.

It would seem that our nation has lost its pride, its sense of belonging and the courage to succeed.

But I think not, I believe the working core of this nation, still has such honourable feelings and intentions and that it is only the political classes that have become purposeless.

People have a natural sense of family membership and a sense of belonging to the town where they were raised. They also have a national identity through a sense of belonging to a culture that has bound together the peoples of these isles for hundreds of years.

A wider identity associated with belonging to Europe is not rational, as we do not share the same history, culture or language with other European countries.

All passports are unique to the country of origin. They are symbols of the country as much as the national flag and as such should be treasured, respected and ownership should be a matter of pride.

Consequently the UK passport should be manufactured in the UK.

Those who put out the printing job to tender, on the basis of EU competition laws, took no notice that countries such as, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, all print their own for reasons of national security. It is a pity that this display of national pride is not being replicated in the UK.

Brexit is the chance for this country to find its identity, to encourage purpose, to create wealth by trading with the whole world and to enhance the lives of all its people.

Unfortunately, we are starting by giving up the printing of our passport to a country that has already declared they will purloin as much of our industry as they can when we leave the EU.

It is not a good start to an honourable objective.

M A McCormick

By email

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