LETTER: Online gambling - Review is welcome

I welcome the recent announcement from the UK Gambling Commission that it plans to make online gambling safer than ever before.

Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 1:15 pm

Its review on online gambling revealed various measures to help ensure people do not fall into what can often become, an addictive habit.

The review measures included protecting children by suspending operators from offering ‘free to play’ demonstration games, until the operator can prove the customer’s age.

Other measures included ‘set’ limits on bets and tackling unfair advertising and marketing.

The news follows the Government’s plan last month to limit maximum stakes on fixed odds betting terminals.

I strongly believe in a free society where people can make their own informed choices but I also feel we should use rules and regulations, where applicable, to protect people in our society.

Margot Parker

MEP for the East Midlands

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