LETTER: my photo faux pas worked out well


Two weeks ago I was having one of my short drives around the area looking out for photo opportunities. I was moving along Enterprise Way in the Langley Mill Business Park when I spotted an open gate accessing the 6336 company.

Through the gate I could see a row of 3663 lorries that appeared to have been parked up using a ruler. I couldn’t resist it.

I parked outside and strolled through the gate but unfortunately only managed the one photograph before being politely asked to leave the premises which, of course, I immediately did.

Trespass is not my normal thing and I felt a bit guilty for having done so. My excuse of being lured through the gates for the obvious photo opportunity just wasn’t acceptable.

A couple of days later I wrote a short letter addressed to the transport manager apologising for my trespassing and I enclosed a 5 x 7 print of the photograph I had got away with. My conscience duly eased I carried on with my life, but . . . it didn’t end there.

The following week I received a phone call from a Mr Martin Winfield of 3663.

My initial thought was that I was in real trouble but it proved to be just the opposite. Mr Winfield invited me to visit the factory to take a tour and the visit was arranged for Tuesday, July 15.

From being greeted by the receptionist, by my first name, to leaving around three hours later I was treated like a VIP. 
Mr Winfield escorted me around the factory and explained the logistics of running the company and, being an ex-trucker, I was taken out for a short drive by a member of the transport team who explained all the modern in-cab technology. 
I was also surprised to learn that the company has several ongoing community projects in hand all greatly benefiting the local area.
The remarkable thing about this visit having taken place was the fact that I did not identify myself in the letter. I had simply used my postcode to indicate that I was a local person.
It appeared that a member of the staff loved playing detective and certainly proved that she was very good at it :)


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