LETTER: Gambling is ruining people's lives

You hear the word poverty spoken about by almost everyone, families living on handouts, food banks and with help from charitable organisations.

Tuesday, 5th September 2017, 1:29 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:02 pm

And yet more and more betting shops are being set up in town centres. And every time you turn on the television set there are advertisements from betting monopolies telling you how easy it is to off load your hard earned cash.

Yet the Government stays silent and watches as many more people become addicted to gambling, some taking their lives because of the debt that they are in, and many more are trying to get help to tackle the severe problem they have. There will soon be as many betting establishments as supermarkets.

Come on Government, how many more people do you want to have their lives ruined?

By gambling habits, many billions of pounds are being taken off citizens of Great Britain leaving the few rich and many more in poverty.

I realise you cannot stop people gambling and it is not the sensible flutter that is the problem, no it is the addicted person who cannot help themselves as they see television adverts, radio shows all promoting gambling most of the day and when they go shopping they have to pass the bookies almost on every street.

Stronger legislation is required to cut back on the problem of gambling. It is ruining families lives in my opinion. How many children’s lives are at risk because dad’s spent most of his wages on gambling?

I hope someone is listening, it is a real problem.

John Wilmott