LETTER: EU Referendum could be our last chance to change

We are being told the June 23 referendum will be the last time for a generation that the population of the UK will have chance for a vote on this issue.'¨It is also clear that, if the decision is to remain in the European Union, the level of immigrants is likely to remain at a high level, maybe about the present level of 300,000 annually.'¨If this is to be the situation, then this year may be the last chance for present UK, Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English citizens to retain this country's sovereignty, identity and way of life as in future elections or referendums the number of immigrants that have come into the UK could eventually soon outnumber us.'¨If the decision is to remain members of the EU, then if I were young enough, I would be looking to emigrate to some other country predominantly Christian and which had control of their borders.'¨I take this view in looking at most of the past major world conflicts which have been triggered by issues of race or religion. '¨When will our politicians recognise the dangers of mass integration of races and religions or are they oblivious to it or do they simply not care as it may be future politicians who have to try and sort out the problems they may have created.'¨I write this as an individual not as a member of UKIP.

Tuesday, 1st March 2016, 6:30 pm