Lee lost 13 stone in a year for Sky One slimmer show

NRHNBE120214d2, Lee Veasey from Aldercar is due to be on Sky's Obese a year to change my life.
NRHNBE120214d2, Lee Veasey from Aldercar is due to be on Sky's Obese a year to change my life.

A SUPER slimmer from Aldercar is to star in a prime-time TV show after he shed 13 stone in 12 months.

Engineer Lee Veasey was a man-mountain at 34 stone before applying to go on the Sky One program, Obese: A Year to Change My Life.

The 30-year-old from Greenfields not only lost more than half his body weight during the filming of the Monday night show but he gained a possible career as a personal trainer.

Slimmer Lee said he applied to the Sky producers because he wanted to start a family with wife Nicola, 28.

He said: “When I turned 29 I was at that age where I thought I have really got to start thinking about other people.

“I thought if we have kids, when they get to two or three, I don’t really want to be in a wheelchair.”

Lee applied for the show, hosted by personal trainer Jessie Pavelka, back in September 2010, after wife Nicola spotted an advert in the Sun newspaper.

The series, which first aired on January 2 this year, challenged super size men and women to lose weight over the course of a year.

Camera crews began filming Lee in October 2010.

A production team documented his fight against the flab until last November.

Lee’s training schedule saw him hit the gym at William Gregg VC Leisure Centre in Heanor for two hours every day, five days a week.

“It was tough,” he said. “Just because it is so hard to fit that around your daily routine.”

At his heaviest, the Aldercar engineer was 37-and-a-half stone, meaning he found simple tasks difficult.

Even fitting into a chair at a restaurant was tough, he said.

“I would sit down at the end of a day and my feet would be absolutely killing me.” Lee added.

“It had such a big impact on my life. I was outgoing but it really restricted things that I could do because I was big.”

Now Lee says he has swapped the double-size dinners for a balanced diet and a regular workout regime.

He is now a qualified personal trainer and is taking a course to become a fully fledged nutritionist.

He said: “I’m carrying it on to help people who were in the same situation as I was. I’m hoping I can change their lives now.”

Lee will appear on Obese: A Year to Change My Life on Sky One, Monday, February 27, at 9pm.