Learn new skills as a cadet volunteer

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Heanor volunteer Sam has encouraged people to join the Army Cadet Force (ACF) in a bid to learn new skills.

Sergeant Sam George, 22, works as an electrical technician in his civilian career and is an adult volunteer with Derbyshire ACF.

Sam’s role within the ACF sees him lead a variety of cadet activities at Codnor Park Detachment, as well as attending cadet training weekends throughout the year.

Originally joining Derbyshire ACF as a cadet, Sam decided to leave the youth organisation when he was 17-years-old to follow his dream of joining the regular Army. However, Sam later picked up a medical injury meaning he had to find a civilian job instead.

Sam has always had a thirst for knowledge and an interest in anything military related. After leaving the Army he decided he wanted to make the most of his spare time by doing two things – becoming an adult volunteer with the ACF and also training as an Army reservist.

Sam said: “Being both an adult volunteer and a reservist can be challenging at times, but I am passionate about both roles so I make it all fit in around my day job. In my reservist role, I have just completed my Phase One Alpha training, where I learnt basic soldiering skills. I found this to be both physically and mentally demanding, whilst within the ACF I am responsible for instructing the cadets in a variety of activities.

“In terms of trying new things, there’s loads of opportunities for adults in the ACF as well as the cadets. You can gain self-discipline, team-working skills and have the commitment to learn new things – a big part of the ACF’s core values. I would urge anyone to give it a go.”

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