Leabrooks mum reunited with life saving ‘angel’

Rescuer Sue Foster holds baby Toby Slater with Tobys mother Kat.
Rescuer Sue Foster holds baby Toby Slater with Tobys mother Kat.

The Ripley & Heanor News is delighted to announce that after over fourty thousand of you saw our appeal to reunite Kat Slater with the lady who saved her son’s life the duo have been brought together.

Kat, of Main Street Leabrooks contacted the Ripley & Heanor News last week issuing a plea to help her find the kind-hearted woman who saved the life of her eight-month-old son Toby when she gave him mouth-to-mouth after he stopped breathing and suffered a seizure at the family home.

It was upon hearing Kat’s screams for help that Toby’s saviour, Sue Foster rushed in from the street and administered the all important first-aid which ultimately saved the eight-month-old’s life.

Although, as an ambulance arrived on the scene the family were in such a hurry to get to the hospital they were unable to get the name of their ‘angel’ as Kat described her.

Upon discovering who Toby’s saviour was, thanks to our facebook appeal the duo were reunited and Kat gave Sue a card, flowers and a huge hug.

She said: “I’m so happy that the appeal worked, I received five or six messages on facebook on Monday night with potential names, although there was one person who was adamant that it was Sue.

“We got in touch and we were finally reunited with eachother after weeks and weeks of searching.

“It turns out she only lives two streets away from us, but what is really amazing is that she told us that she never walks down Main Street usually, it just so happened that on that day she did something a little bit different which had a huge impact.

“It’s an absolute miracle!”

Keep an eye on our facebook page and website in the coming days for more on this phenomenal story.