Lazy teens myth smashed in new study of drop-out rate

A NEW study has smashed the myth that laziness is the primary reason for teenagers dropping out of college in Derbyshire.

The East Midlands Improvement and Efficiency Partnership examined the challenges facing 40 NEETS – young people aged 16 to 18 Not in Education, Employment or Training in Derby and Derbyshire - who spoke of personal tragedies and learning difficulties.

Report author Jo Hutchinson said: “Young people told us they want to do things with their lives, they want to be good employees, friends and parents. But they face a number of challenges while they are at school and these stay with them as they move on to whatever comes next.”

The study discovered that young people often try to find training or jobs after leaving school but major reasons for dropping out included poor experiences and attainment at school, complex family relationships, health problems, bullying or the effect of long distance family moves. The research was undertaken last year when most of the interviewees were supported by the Connexions service - now under threat across the UK.