Late night shop lifter

a SLEEPLESS Riddings man who went shopping to “kill time” ended up in court on a theft charge.

Shane Simons stuffed an audio cable down the front of his trousers in a Tesco store in Alfreton and then browsed around the shop. Police approached him and asked if was hiding anything. Chesterfield magistrates heard that he denied it but he handed over the cable as he was being searched.

Simons, 32, of Church Street, Riddings, admitted the November 9 theft. He had previous convictions for dishonesty. His solicitor, Matt Evans, said he started abusing drugs 12 years ago. He went through a detox programme and was then given different medication, which affected his sleep.

He said Simons was not using illegal drugs and was due to attend a rehabilitation centre. He was given a one-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £14.97 compensation, with £85 costs.