Langley Mill to keep namesake millstone

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breaking news

The last remaining flour mill may have been knocked down in Langley Mill - but a demolition team has donated a lasting memento to the village.

The large millstone, which stood for more than 40 years at the entrance to the now demolished Smith’s Flour Mill on Cromford Road, is to remain within the parish.

Nottingham–based Ward Demolition has donated the stone, once part of the working mill, to the parish council, which will now organise its cleaning and the addition of a brass plaque. Cllr Clive Booth said: “Depending on what sort of development actually goes onto the old mill site we may not have to move it. If we do have to relocate it, perhaps you have an idea where it could go? Let us know at the council offices.”

Smith’s had been stone milling on the site from the 1820s through to the 1970s when it ceased the operation.

The parish council office is at Bailey Brook House on Amber Drive and is open for visitors from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 1pm.