Kids rule the roost in new sci-fi show

NRHN 17-10-12 BE 19 ripley academy of drama, Ripley. Spartacle.
NRHN 17-10-12 BE 19 ripley academy of drama, Ripley. Spartacle.

This crew of gymnasts, musicians and hippies will be running the country in March – in a new TV sci-fi drama about a world with no adults.

The students at Ripley Academy of Dance and Drama have just finished filming series two of the Sparticle Mystery, due to air on the CBBC channel in March.

Despite looking like a real mixed bunch - they are all dressed as the characters they played in the big budget show, which sees children ruling the world, splitting into different wierd and wonderful ‘clans’ in the process.

And almost 90 per cent of its cast are from the Ripley academy, based off Cromford Road- as the school provided producers with 200 extras for the show.

Principle Felicity Cutting said: “We had some of our pupils on unicycles, some playing parts on skateboards, and just about everything in between.

“Everyone who worked on it had a thoroughly fantastic time.”

The school, which regularly sees its pupils star in BBC shows such as Doctors, was approached to supply cast members for the Sparticle Mystery in June.

Filming took place throughout summer at various venues in Leeds and Doncaster.

Joshua Cauldwell, 18, of Somercotes, plays one of a band of ‘weapons collectors’ who try to disarm all the arms wielding ‘bad guys’ in the show.

He said: “It was quite unreal, everything on the set was exaggerated. It’s going to be a good show though- there are a few recognisable faces in it.”

Alice North, ten, of Wood Street, Ripley , pictured here with her saxophone can be seen in the show as part of a brass band. She said: “I think everyone should watch it. The bits I am in are quite good!”