Kevin’s school of rock

nrhn 070213 kevin Brown of the Beautiful South, left with Jake Gales and Cody Goodhead.
nrhn 070213 kevin Brown of the Beautiful South, left with Jake Gales and Cody Goodhead.

He has toured the world, played 
Glastonbury, the Brit Awards and the Royal Albert Hall - he has even recorded at Abbey Road, but now a Codnor musician aims to pass on his pop knowledge to teens in Ripley.

Saxophonist Kevin Brown enjoyed chart success in the 1990s with hit-makers 
Beautiful South and toured with rockers Spiritualized.

Now he is drawing on his industry contacts to teach a class of aspiring youngsters at Acorn Training Academy, on Nottingham Road, Ripley.

The six teens will learn how to program music tracks, how to better their microphone technique and much more during the 27-week course, which will ultimately lead to a Trinity College London 
recognised qualification.

But Kevin hopes the lessons will also be a stepping stone to a career in music.

He said: “It’s difficult to get into the industry in some ways - but in others it’s easier because record companies no longer rule the roost.

“You don’t need the record companies any more to put your music out there.”

Kevin took over as tutor of the course at the start of the year and has already drawn on his industry pals, including his cousin and Spiritualized bandmate Tony Foster, to help. In January the class took a tour of Tony’s studio in Nottingham, where Jake Bugg’s number one album was recorded, to get a flavour of life as a 
recording artist. And two of the class members, guitarist Jake Gale, 16, of Denby Lane, Loscoe and singer Cody Goodhead, 17, of Nottingham Road, Ripley, are to return there to record three songs together.

“They will walk away with a demo that they can take around to places and get gigs, more recording, who knows,” said Kevin.

Foundation learning manager at Acorn Rachel Kayes said the course aimed to help build confidence and self-esteem in young musicians and may lead to them taking further courses at colleges such as Confetti Studios in Nottingham. For more information call Acorn on 01773 747377.