Judge wants to provide help for heroin addict

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A judge told a drug addict he wanted to make sure he was given a sentence that will help him stay away from heroin.

Derby Crown Court heard on Wednesday, January 4, how Colin Hutchinson, 57, of Langley Court, Annesley Close, Chesterfield, was arrested for possessing drugs after a police raid at a property.

Hutchinson pleaded guilty to possessing 4.8grammes of the class A drug diamorphine, commonly referred to as heroin, from July. 2016.

Judge Robert Egbuna revealed that police broke into the house looking for someone they thought was involved in a burglary and they found various drug-related items.

Judge Egbuna told the Hutchinson: “There is evidence of things going on at your house that were not consistent with someone just using drugs for recreation.

“It’s consistent with long-term drug use.

“I want to provide a sentence that helps you to stay away from heroin for you and your family and I don’t intend to impose a custodial sentence.”

The court heard how Hutchinson’s daughter has been helping him and he has seen his GP and he is beginning counselling.

Judge Egbuna adjourned Hutchinson’s case until today, Monday, January 9, for sentencing.