Join the Jam Jar Army to mark the Diamond Jubilee

NRHNBE120326e2, Ripley and Heanor News Jubilee jam jars appeal. receptionist Elizabeth White.
NRHNBE120326e2, Ripley and Heanor News Jubilee jam jars appeal. receptionist Elizabeth White.

THE RIPLEY and Heanor News is running a special community Diamond Jubilee fundraising campaign in tribute to the Queen.

We have teamed up with Amber Valley Borough Council and aim to plant a set of fitting new trees in each town, along with commemorative plaques to mark the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

We need the help of the community to fund the special trees and plaques and are asking you to donate the spare pennies you have stored in jam jars and pots in your homes.

Editor Julie Crouch said: “Lots of us have a jam jar in the house where we store all the spare coppers weighing down our purse or discovered lurking down the back of the sofa.

“We figured that if everyone donated just a few of those pennies it would take no time at all to raise the money needed to pay for the trees.”

The council is now looking for fitting trees and suitable places in Ripley, Heanor and hopefully Alfreton too for them to be planted.

Sharon Thomas, council landscape manager, said: “We’re thrilled to be a part of the Jam Jar Appeal with the planting of trees in parks in all of our towns.

“We need to look at the types of tree and where they can be located, but if the readers can dig deep – so to speak! We will match their commitment by finding species which can be a lasting legacy to the Queen and mark such an important occasion.”

The News is looking to raise around £300, but if we exceed that amount, then we may well be able to plant another tree or ask readers to nominate other causes and charities to receive cash.

Julie added: “We are sure we will be well supported by our generous readers. The tree will not be planted until the autumn so we have plenty of time to get there.”

The Jubilee jam jar campaign has got off to a flying start since it was launched three weeks ago.

You have been bringing in pots of change in your droves to our offices, and by the end of this week we hope to have raised more than £50 towards the tree-planting cause. But we need Ripley and Heanor News readers to keep up the good work.

If you wish to donate your jam jars of cash you can drop them off at our office in Ripley at 27 Grosvenor Road.

We will do the rest and will print updates in the paper, online at, on Twitter @rhnews and on Facebook to see how we are doing.