Jail for Ripley driveway car thief

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A burglar who stole a set of keys from a house in Ripley before taking the victim’s car has been jailed for four years –after he was caught driving it around the next day.

Christopher Whitbread was given three years for burglary, eight months for stealing the car and four months for driving while disqualified.

When the owner of the vehicle woke up on Saturday, July 20, he looked out of the window of his home in Hammersmith, Ripley, to see his car was missing from the drive.

Derbyshire police circulated details of the stolen vehicle to other forces and the following day, officers in Lincolnshire saw it on the A158 and stopped it. Whitbread, 38, of Titchfield Street, Mansfield was driving . He was sentenced at Derby Crown Court on Monday, September 2.