Jade saves mum after first aid day

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A graduate from Alfreton who saved her mum’s life after returning from a St John Ambulance volunteer induction course is calling for everyone to learn vital first aid.

Jade Kettlewell, 22, had only recently joined as a St John Ambulance volunteer and had just got home from an induction training session when her mum suddenly suffered a suspected heart attack.

Jade got home from the St John Ambulance session and was telling her parents all about it, when suddenly her mum started to feel a severe pain in the middle of her chest.

Jade reacted quickly to her mum’s pain. She said: “I just grabbed hold of her head and said ‘just look into my eyes, everything’s going to be OK.’

“I asked my mum lots of questions to try to work out what was wrong. I tried to take control of the situation.

“Mum said to me afterwards that it was reassuring to know that I had first aid 
training and knew what to do.”

Jade gave her mum tablets and monitored her. After 
being seen in A&E, and a stay in hospital while tests were carried out, Jade’s mum was 
diagnosed as having unstable angina. She has since been given medication to keep the condition at bay.

Jade said: “If I hadn’t done my first aid training we wouldn’t have known what to do. I nearly didn’t go home that night, so if I hadn’t the situation could have been very 

“I am so pleased that I joined St John Ambulance. First aid is such a vital skill and you never know when you might need it.

“I would encourage 
everyone to learn first aid – it really can save lives.”