Inspired by trip to capital

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Selston High School students met high-fliers from the business and engineering world during a inspirational trip to London.

Students and staff, accompanied by headteacher Kevin Gaiderman and achievement manager for Year 10, Cara Walker, visited leading businesses in London as part of an “Immersion” day organized by Bryanston Square Ltd. 

Pupils met executives from four companies and were inspired to set high goals for themselves and believe that hard work and dedication can lead to significant rewards.

Mr Gaiderman said: “For some of the students this was the first time they had travelled on a train and to London. It was great experience for them all.”

He said the most stimulating sessions included meeting Roma Agrawal, from WSP Engineering, who led a team and built the Shard in London.

Students were challenged to understand the physics behind building structures such as bridges and how each structure has its own resonance.

They built a bridge using ‘jelly beans’ and explored how it needed stabilizing to function correctly. Following lunch at the Real Man Pizza Company, students visited BT Global Communications near St Paul’s Cathedral. 

They were met and entertained by Otti Vogt the Senior Vice President of the Global Division of BT. 

Mr Gaiderman added: “They were amazed to hear how, at the age of 40, he has risen to such a prestigious position. His underlying advice was to take every opportunity that comes your way and set a goal you wish to achieve in your career.” 

Their final destination was with entrepreneur Jake Hayman. Jake, although being young, has established a number of companies and charities in the UK and around the world. He founded ‘The Social Investment Consultancy’ (TSIC) in 2007 and holds the role of chief executive officer of its European operations.

TSIC is a philanthropy and strategy consulting firm helping bridge the gap between the for-and not for-profit worlds.

Previously, Jake co-founded OneVoice Europe the UK branch of the OneVoice Movement, a Middle East conflict resolution group. In 2010, he was awarded a scholarship to study social enterprise on Columbia Business School’s intensive executive education programme. Jake now also serves as CEO of Future First’s sister organisation, Future First Communities.