I’ve never seen the ‘panther’


My wife and parents lived in one of the cottages in the Shipley Hall grounds. The Lasts family lived next door, Oates family lived in Derby Lodge, the Spencer’s family lived in Nottingham Lodge.

Every one lived there for years, but no-one ever mentioned any large strange animals. There were dogs’ graves in the grounds that belonged to the Squire Mundy family, with name plates to the dogs graves.

I was in the Royal Navy and when I came on leave lived with my wife and parents for several years in Shipley Hall grounds.

When we went out we walked every where to Heanor or Mapperley, to the local pubs, in the dark both ways some times, but never saw any thing unusual.

So unless the animals have just arrived, there as never been any.

Like John Holmes the manager of Shipley Country Park says, ‘the Rangers have never seen any.’

Charles Cutting

Highfield Way