Hundreds sign up as blood donors in Derbyshire

MORE than 300 new people have joined the blood donor register in Derbyshire after a drive to recruit more donors.

It comes one month on from the first ever National Blood Week in June), when 306 people across the country signed up to donate.

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) said a total of 9,000 people in the East Midlands made a date to donate, and more than 1,500 registered to donate for the first time.

During National Blood Week, NHSBT issued a call for 10,000 people across England and North Wales to make a date to donate, after new data showed there had been a 20 per cent drop in young regular donors over the last decade raising concerns for the stability of blood stocks in the future.

Holly Mason, NHSBT Lead Donor Relations Manager, East Midlands said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the public’s response to our National Blood Week campaign and would like to thank all of the first time and regular donors in the East Midlands who made a ‘date to donate’, a simple act that will help to save and improve many lives.

“However, to maintain national blood stocks, we need over 250,000 donations and 29,000 new donors every year in the East Midlands alone - and there is a lack of regular** young donors. We therefore urge the younger generation to make a date to donate and become life savers of the future.”

The campaign secured backing from a number of high profile celebrities, including Jenny Frost, who made her date to donate during National Blood Week. Jenny Frost, TV presenter and singer, said: “I’ve always wanted to give blood, but like lots of people have never got around to it. So when NHSBT asked me to support their campaign I jumped at the chance. Now I’ve made a date to donate and am looking forward to becoming a life saver later in the year. It’s really important that the younger generation do their bit to help, so go on, make a date to donate.”

For more information about blood donation or to make an appointment visit, or call 0300 123 2323. You can also follow NHSBT at or