Horses escape on to road in Denby

Horses having escaped on to Derby Road, Denby.
Horses having escaped on to Derby Road, Denby.

MOTORISTS should be cautious as they drive along Derby Road in Denby this morning after a horse escaped there.

One animal had already been captured and tethered to a tree, with a police accident warning sign put up to alert drivers. But in the meantime, a foal was spotted next to the tethered horse, having also made it on to the road at 8.20am today, May 7.

The older horse was tethered to a tree on the pavement on the opposite side of the road to Denby Pottery, between the business and Marehay Garage, with police tape put around the animal.

Motorists were slowing down as they approached the horses this morning. Some stopped to check the animals were all right. Police said they were aware of the incident.

It is not the first time horses from nearby fields have escaped on to the road there. Three weeks ago five horses got out on to the road there near the old Apollo Engineering premises. Police were called then, but a passing woman motorist managed to get them back into nearby fields.