Horse problem continues at Mill Hill School

horses prevented 1,000 students at Mill Hill School in Ripley from using their playing field this week.

Staff have discovered three of the animals on the school’s playing field on at least six separate occasions since February.

The animals graze on the adjoining fields but regularly stray onto school property, staff the schoo said this week.

Now they are making a public appeal to the owners to remove the animals from the field permanently as the RSPCA and police are powerless to move the horses.

School bursar Mike Davison said: “We can’t let the students on the field while the animals are there because it would be too dangerous.

“As a result this means that PE lessons and after-school fixtures on the field are being disrupted. Other local clubs who utilise the pitches at evening and weekends could also be affected. We just came back after the recent bank holiday and the horses were there again. This is turning into a nightmare situation now.”